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Up-to-date information on Mt. Agung

Current status Mt.Agung

At current, Bali’s Agung Vulcano is not creating a further ash cloud which is impeding air traffic. However, the volcano remains active and the state of emergency remains at the highest level “Awas”. Nevertheless, new indications by the Indonesian government have reduced the evacuation zone from 08-10KM to 06 KM from the crater. This change has no impact on tours and/or services, which operate as usual excluding: Tegalwaja river rafting and the Mount Agung climb.ns.

Live footage of the Mt. Agung

  • What can you do?

    Please assist us in informing any upcoming arrival or departure schedule changes by phone/whatsapp on our emergency numbers (mentioned below) or email them to client.indonesia@happytrailsasia.com. Furthermore, please kindly inform pax to always go to the airport, to avoid them being registered as a no-show.

    Emergency number
    Phone: +62 (0) 361 288194

Up-to-date information on Mt. Agung
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