‘Working with people who want to experience your country is a great luxury. It gives me so much energy if I read the happy stories of our travellers while traveling the journey I made.’ – Anas

Ijen Crater – Java, Indonesia

Aim of our company

At Happy Trails! Asia we are focused on providing best value holidays for our customers and business partners. We organise tours mainly for small parties and our groups are rarely larger than 18. Each tour is designed on the principles of the company’s founder; providing a fun and exciting holiday, while creating a better understanding between travelers and the wonderful peoples of Asia.

We recognize that cultures, environments and economies we visit are fragile requiring a sustained commitment from us to ensure that we have a (long) lasting positive effect. Our tours can be a real help to local communities providing income, multi-cultural interactions and/or positive cultural exchanges and the financial incentive to protect the natural environment.

It is our aim to provide an enjoyable work environment for the teams in our offices spread over Asia. We prevail our teams to treat each other with dignity, respect which helps to create a strong team spirit. Happy Trails Asia encourages its staff to improve themselves and motivates the people working with us to follow courses, which are fully paid by the company.

Our vision is focused on the people we work with and as the present is

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