Information Database

Welcome to our Happy Trails! Asia Information Database. We are proud to present you the fresh look of our extensive information packages, all one click away for your convenience. The data base is divided into three sections, to keep an easy overview. In section one, you can find general information which are important for you as the tour operator. Section two provides general information about our destinations and section three provides you all information which are island and region specific.

General Info for Tour Operators

Please find below all information which are important for working with us and you as the Tour Operator.
Please note, this information may not be shared directly with guests

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Emergency Contact Information

Important Notes

How to read vouchers

Elephant in captivity

General Info for Guests

Please find below all general information about our destinations
Please note, this information may be shared directly with guests and we suggest you to do so.

General Practical Info

Please find in this file all information which are good to know before you go on a trip to our destinations.


Airport Arrival Info

To ensure a smooth arrival, find in the following files, detailed information about the most important airports.


Visa Information

This document provides information related to current visa regulations. Information may be crossed check with the local embassy.


Self Drive Info

Offer the level of independence some of our guests are looking for by self driving. Related information below.


Dietary Information

Dietary restrictions are becoming more and more important to some of our clients. Our destinations are able to cater most of these needs.


Luggage Allowance

Traveling through South East Asia is often related to different airlines with different luggage allowances. Please find more information below.


Mountain Trekking

Both, Indonesia and Malaysia offer some great and adventurous mountain and volcano trekking. To find out more, review below documents.


Sustainable Tourim

As one of the first Travelife certified DMC in the region, Happy Trails! Asia offers some great local projects, activities and accommodation options which many clients are looking for.


Train & Bus Station Info

Kindly review following documents to provide a smooth transition process for your clients when traveling by bus and train.


Travel Periods

Kindly find at following files the travel periods of our destinations. Some regions, especially around Malaysia are not operated during monsoon season. To find our more, see following documents.


Disabled Travel

As this specific group requires a great attention to detail and elaborate planning, this information document aims at providing tour operators and interested parties realistic information related to traveling with disabilities in our destinations.

Events and Festivals

Every island and region around our destinations, offers different events and festivals. With different cultures, religions and languages, there is always the possibility to experience to local life very closely.


IMEI Number Info

The Indonesian Government has introduced a new taxation system for the usage of mobile phones purchased outside the country. If your guests are planning to use a local SIM card and are staying longer then 14 days, please review the following file.


Bali Waterfall Guide

Bali offer some wonderful waterfalls all around the island. With many stunning views to offer, explore the busy and hidden gems, many guests are looking for.


Animal Interaction

With this document we like to inform you of animal interaction within our destinations, and what you can do to minimize the negative impact and enhance your experience.  

Charter Boats – Komodo & Kalimantan

Discover some of the most stunning regions in Indonesia by Boat. For more information, see you following documents.


Destination Specifc Information

Find below island and regions specific information.
Please note, this information may be shared directly with guests and we suggest you to do so.