Experience the heritage of tradition

Malaysia is the embodiment South-East Asia’s ambitions towards becoming a fully developed country while highlighting the region’s multiculturalism and diversity. On one side, we have Kuala Lumpur with is modern façade and world-class facilities; and on the other side, we have small towns and fishing villages with their laid-back way of life. A visit to Malaysia can be a journey through different eras: from cosmopolitan skyscraper city to virgin rainforests where wild elephants and tigers still roam free to ancient Silk Road trading ports to picturesque rolling green hills of bright green tea plantations. Let us not forget Malaysia’s islands of white sandy beaches peeking up from the crystal clear waters and coral reefs of the South China Sea: a paradise for divers and beach-lovers!Within Peninsular Malaysia we cover every location imaginable, may it be the bustling city life of Kuala Lumpur, or diving off the clear blue waters in Tioman, we will make sure your client has an unforgettable experience in Malaysia.