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Bromo-Semeru National Park, Java, Indonesia

Archipelago of unity in diversity

Indonesia known for its blue oceans, stunning nature, always smiling population and sundry wildlife. It is a diverse archipelago of over 17.000 islands. The largest islands (Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Smaller Sunda Islands, Sulawesi, Kalimantan. Maluku and West Papua) are the best to travel to. These islands offer the countries best far view breath taking landscapes and jaw dropping indigenous cultures.

17.000 islands inhabited by people from over 360 ethnic groups who speak approx. 720 languages creates a melting pot of cultures but all are united by the Pancasila and the Indonesian flag. This pronounced diversity is underlined by UNESCO who has selected several Indonesian landmarks as world heritage sights. Not only the Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the Sumatra rain forest is among these. Also the Cubadak water system for Balinese (terraced) rice fields and the dangerous Komodo Dragon are sights on a must see list when visiting Indonesia.

Weather your clients are looking to immerse themselves into Indonesian culture through the music of a gamelan orchestra, to feel their feet sinking in thick clay while planting rice plants during an active village hike or they prefer a relaxing massage at the side of their private pool in a luxurious beach front hotel, Indonesia provides it all.

Reforestation project in Sintang finalized

October 6th, 2020|0 Comments

Yet another reforestation project has been finalized with our partner Yayasan Gunung Lestari. From February till August a total of 23.000 trees were planted, in the so called Forest Garden. It is created by farmers [...]

17.000 Islands with smiling people

Indonesia is also the worlds largest archipelago. Not only does it offer a variety of holiday styles, these are often also to be enjoyed on different islands. Most traveled islands are:

Besides these main islands, Indonesia also has many smaller islands that offer some interesting tour possibilities. Where-ever there is nature to explore or a culture to discover we will be able to get your clients there!

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