‘No matter if you are looking for activity, culture, animals in their own habitat or beach fun for your family. Indonesia is such a divers country. No matter which island a travelers will choose they will have the holiday of a life time.’ – Yasa


Flores, is a Portuguese name, which means “flower”, and ideally describes the beauty to be found here. This long Island between Sumbawa and Timor is crowded with volcanoes (Kelimutu) and mountains, dividing it into several regions with distinct languages and traditions. Predominantly Catholic and heavily influenced by the Portuguese, there are many examples of a strong European cultural heritage, like the easter procession held in Larantuka, and the Royal regalia of the former king in Maumere. The traditions of the Manggarai with their incredible spider web like rice terraces gives some insight in the long and rich heritage this island has to offer. Of course Labuan Bajo on Flores is one of the gateways to explore the natural habitats of the infamous Komodo dragons.

Must visit :

  • Kelimutu Volcano
  • Manggerai Rice fields
  • Komodo dragons
  • Tujuhbelas National Park

Get Inspired on Flores

Unique Experiences

Unique Experiences we’ve created some unique experience for your travelers. These are excursions that will give a travelers that special moment in their holiday. Think off: A perfect white beach all to yourself, a special evening with locals or a walk in just that undiscovered area of a major city.

Joining the trip gives you a chance to have a close encounter komodo dragon on their natural habitat both in Komodo and Rinca Island. Komodo is the largest lizard on earth and a throw back to the dinosaurs. During a short trekking on this dry climate thick vegetation, the guide will tell you the life of Komodos. Not only you can experience the wildlife, but also the underwater paradise in Pink Beach. It is a home to clean water, coral garden, and colorful fish which attracts scuba divers, snorkelers.
Located 30km east of Labuan Bajo and nestled in a tropical rainforest setting, Cunca Wulang is one of Flores’ most striking spots for outdoor activities. Impressive waterfalls cascade into beautiful, fresh-water pools and lead into a series of smaller waterfalls and rivers a few kilometers downstream. This area offers good hiking and swimming options. The medium-impact hike to Cunca Wulang from Wersawe Village is pleasantly seamed by paddy fields in different stages of their planting and harvesting cycle. Vanilla, coffee, candlenut, and cacao can also be seen along the trail; and the last, steep part leads you through a section of lush tropical rain forest.
In our search of more sustainable excursions we are working together with a local supplier to offer a Kayaking trip to the Komodo Dragon. Get to see the Komodo dragon, and enjoy the scenery at low pace by kayaking. Get to the best snorkeling spots and overnight on white sandy beaches. All escorted with trained guides and a backing up boat. Not only will travelers meet Komodo dragons, they also be treated to the sun set departure of thousands of bats and explore the cultural heritage of laid back fishing village Warloka. A long route we overnight in safari tents on (sometimes) deserted islands and empty beaches. During the day you paddle from island to island in the evening the sounds of breaking waves lull you to sleep. A journey fit for all travelers who love the outdoors, are averagely fit and are looking for that ‘something’ else!


  • Joining this expedition is possible from March until December

Inspiring Tour

Inspiring tours are tours we’ve created to give you insight in the tours we offer in our destinations.  From our most favorite tours to our less common traveled paths. Creating the perfect tour for your travelers is a path we gladly walk with you. Contact us now and one of our travel experts will get back to you.

Day 1 : Arrival Labuhan Bajo

Individual arrival in Labuhan Bajo and optional transfer to your hotel. Labuhan Bajo is Flores’ most westerly point, where the bay is filled with the candy-stripped sails of outrigger fishing boats and encircled by bougainvillea-festooned houses. Lilies and sunflowers grew from cracks in the dusty streets. It was easy to see why the sixteenth century Portuguese, who came here to trade in sandalwood, named the island “the cape of flowers.” Visit the Batu Cermin Caves or go swimming and snorkeling on one of the nearby remote and small islands. At the end of the day you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset with a view over the small islands between Flores and Komodo.

Day 2 : Labuhan Bajo – Ruteng

The barren landscape of Western-Flores becomes greener as we approach Ruteng. This is a small, Catholic city with a lively store and market district. Because of its high location, Ruteng has a cool and pleasant climate. The city is also the centre of the Manggarai-minority.

Day 3 : Ruteng – Bajawa

The first part drives trough rugged hills and dense jungle, than the landscape becomes more open and you will have spectacular views on the sea, the many volcano tops and lava stream. This friendly hill town is the centre of the Ngada people, one of the most traditional of Flores with five tribal groups. Each has its own customs, languages, beliefs and distinctive dress made of hand-spun ikat cloth, intricately patterned and colored with dye extracted from plants and minerals.

Day 4 : Bajawa

Hike with a local guide trough traditional villages along the foot of the Inerie Volcano. You’ll visit Bena with megalithic stones, offering and meetings places where the head of the villages decisions are still made that influences their relations with the supernatural. The traditional houses of Bena have steep ending, high roofs of grass. Some have been rewarded with the image of a warrior with a spear. If you walk through Bena it is as if you are back in time. From a hill top, you can overlook this town, the volcano and the blue Sawusea.

Day 5 : Bajawa – Riung

Before heading to Riung you dip in the Natural Hot Springs of Soa for a delightfull ‘soak’ in hot sulpher bath. The ride goes diagonal over the island to Riung. Because it is not at the Trans-Flores-Highway it’s less visited by tourists. It is a small place and known for its beautiful choral gardens.

Day 6 : Riung

Visit the National Park Pulau Tujuhbelas with a local guide and enjoy the beautiful white beaches. Go snorkelling because the coral is still in good state. Therefore you find here also lots of colourful fish. If the tide is not to low, you go to the coast of the island Ontoloe where the flying dogs (kalongs) with hundreds escapes the mangroves by sunset.

Day 7 : Riung – Moni

Again a beautiful route that brings you to the higher situated Moni. Moni is located on the foot of the Kelimutu volcano. Rice fields are surrounding this picturesque village. The tradition plays an important role in their modern life, and the high roofed houses in this district are a stunning sight.

Day 8 : Moni – ascent Kelimutu volcano – Maumere

Before dawn you leave to the Kelimutu volcano to enjoy a very impressive panorama and a beautiful sun rise. On a clear day, the Kelimutu is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. The colors of the three lakes change continual through the varying mineral content of the water. It is also no wondrous that this spot was previously an important spot for rituals. One believed (and praised still) that the souls of the death find their last resting-place in these lakes; that of the old men in one lake, that of the young men in another and that of the witches in the last lake. You can walk down to Moni trough small villages to start your last ride on Flores to Maumere. You’ll overnight here at the beach for plain relaxing, or opportunities for snorkeling or swimming in the morning.

Day 9 : Maumere

Tour ends after breakfast.

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