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Borobudur, Java, Indonesia


Java is Indonesia’s ‘most’ in many ways. Most booing economy, and therefore most densely populated of all Indonesian islands. However Java also offers the most beautiful diverse landscapes; from thundering volcano’s to endless fields of tea plants. And is most diverse in cultural history; from historic church to impressive ancient temple complex. A sunrise at the Buddhist temple Borobudur will take your breath away! Java’s Eastern part gives a traveler some of those thundering volcanic landscapes with Bromo, in the Bromo Semeru National Park as its central high light. An excursion by jeep or on foot is most recommendable.

For most travelers the last stop on the island of Java is the spectacular crater lake of Ijen volcano and its blue fire, ignited sulphuric gas, which emerges from cracks at temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. Blue fire, can only be seen at 1 other volcano in the world. Is it rich culture and beautiful nature you seek? Then Java is the island to visit.

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Must visit :

  • Kebun Raya Bogor
  • Borobudur @sunrise
  • Bromo Volcano
  • Ijen Crater Lake

Get Inspired on Java

Unique Experiences

We’ve created some unique experience for your travelers. These are excursions that will give a traveler that special moment in their holiday. Think off: a perfect white beach all to yourself, a special evening with locals or a walk in just that undiscovered area of a major city.

Spend your night in Yogyakarta like the locals in alun-alun kidul (Southern Square). See the night life’s festivity; the crowd, the food, the attraction, the activity, accompanied by our local guide.

Your tour will start at our Happy Trails Jogja office on Jalan Parangtritis No. 65, Yogyakarta. You will be greeted by your guide with a little explanation about the tour itself. Take an easy walk throughout the busy streets of Yogyakarta while a glimpse of local life pass by.

Arrive in Alun-alun Kidul, your guide will explain about the history that lies within. Enjoy your night riding the light becak, trying the Masangin game, and tasting a selection of the street foods. Tonight is all about being a Jogjakartans!


  • Riding light becak surrounding the square
  • Playing traditional games of Masangin in the middle of the square
  • Mingling with the locals
  • Tasting traditional street food
  • Experiencing life like the locals

This excursion will take you back in time to explore what is left from the colonialism era. The mode of transport is by public bus. This gives you good opportunity to travel as the local people do, with the comfort of the guide to know where to get in and out and the local do’s and don’ts. The bus bring you on the route through a part of Yogyakarta until you get to the first stop in Malioboro street.

This tour will bring you to the local market, worship places, government building, former Dutch buildings and even an old fortress. All the places still retains their original architecture.

The guide will bring you to a local luncheon where you can experience delicious local food and a popular hangout for the locals. From Malioboro it is just a few bus stops to the end of the tour.

Your guide awaits with a smile for you today. A walk to the bus stop will start the tour. Bump your shoulder with the locals on a public bus while overlooking the city from the window pane. During the trip you will see a lot more of Jogja. Do not hesitate to ask our guide about things that you see around.

Upon arrive to your first stop, keep close to your guide as he will tell you interesting facts about the area. Malioboro is the busiest street in Jogja and one of the wheels of Jogjakarta’s economic life. You will be visiting local market where you can try the local street food, worship places, government buildings, Dutch old buildings and old fortress. All the places you’ll be visiting still retains their original shapes.

Once your plate is clean and you are full from your delicious lunch, head back to our office with, again, busway. A ten minute drive with the guide and voila, you are back to our office. Here the tour ends.


  • Visiting the historical building in Malioboro
  • Sightseeing Yogyakarta on a public bus
  • Mingling with the locals
  • Tasting traditional street food
  • Lunch at the Vredenburg Restaurant


Going around by bike is a great way to immerse yourself into the peaceful village atmosphere. This tour will bring you close to the village people as it is designed for you to enjoy, experience and be involved in their day to day activity. The route will bring you to the traditional market, village home industry and perhaps a school. You drive on quiet village roads. The tour starts with a transfer to Sentolo, just west from the city. The village guide has a collection of the old fashioned model bikes from where you can choose the one that fits. The tour is much about interacting with the local people and learn from them.

There is a (packed) Javanese lunch included, which will be taken in a small hut in the rice fields, as well as some local snacks, tea or coffee and mineral water.

After Lunch Continue to pedal back from where you started. A tea and coffee is served before you head back to the city.


  • Leisurely guided cycling in Kulon Progo
  • Riding old fashioned, Dutch style bicycle
  • Experiencing locals Village Life.
  • Insight into locals Village Life.
  • Javanese homemade lunch on a small hut in the middle of rice field

To see the Borobudur temple laying in its natural surroundings is a magic panoramic view. In the early morning you hike up to the hill which offers a good chance to see the Borobudur temple emerge above the mist in the valley. And if you do this at sunrise it is very picturesque. Enjoy the coffee, tea and fruits on top of Setumbu Hill.

While still taking advantage of the cooler early morning hours you will get to the actual monument Borobudur. a perfect time to enjoy the temple when the morning air is still fresh and the light is good for photographing. After the temple visit you will be served a nice breakfast.

With renewed energy you visit the Mendut temple. Together with Borobudur Temple and Pawon temples build in the 9th century. The Mendut temple is the oldest of the three. The yearly pilgrimage to Borobudur at the Buddhist New Year starts in Mendut temple, passing Pawon temple and ends at Borobudur for mass Buddhist prayer. In the temple you can see the 3 meter tall Buddha statue.

From Mendut you will drive back to Yogyakarta, where you arrive at noon.


  • Sunrise view over Borobudur Temple
  • Visiting the largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur
  • Visiting Mendut temple and the vihara next to it
  • Seeing the day-to-day local activity

Inspiring Tours


Inspiring tours are tours we’ve created to give you insight in the tours we offer in our destinations.  From our most favorite tours to our less common traveled paths. Creating the perfect tour for your travelers is a path we gladly walk with you. Contact us now and one of our travel experts will get back to you.

Day 1: Arrival Medan – Transfer to Hotel in Bukit Lawang

Upon arrival at Medan Airport, your driver will pick you up and bring you to the hotel. The rest of the day is free to enjoy or just take a rest after your flight. Please note that your arrival in Medan has to be before 12 pm (noon) due to the road condition that will take you to Bukit Lawang is better to be driven during the day time.

Day 2: Bukit Lawang – 3hrs Jungle Trekking

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and you will walk along the the river side till the crossing point where canoe waits and takes you to the other side of the river. Followed by a short hike up to visit the central viewing area, where you have a chance to see the Orangutan swinging freely through the tropical rain forest, however as with any wildlife, no guarantees can be made that they are around this area. After the visit, across back the river and walk about half an hour before you enter the other side of the park to start jungle trek to come more up close with nature.

Enjoy the sights, smell and sounds of rain forest. From the center view point, we bring you deeper into Gunung Leuser National Park to experience the rain forest, of course you will hike up and down the hills while constantly searching for wild animals in their natural habitat. You have a big chance to see the wildlife; gibbons, Thomas leaf monkeys, longtail and pigtail macagues, flying squirrels, Sumatra peacocks and horn bills. A wild orang utan might cross your way. Your guide will explain you many things about the rain forest. And he will show you many different kind of plants and flowers.

Day 3: Transfer from Bukit Lawang to Medan via Medan City Tour

After breakfast, driver will pick you up to transfer you to your hotel back in Medan. Along the way, you will make stops at Maimoon Palace as well as Grand Mosque Al Mashun, Gunung Timur Shrine, and Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple before finally checking in at your hotel.

Day 4: Flight to Yogyakarta; Prambanan

In the morning you fly to Yogyakarta. Enjoy the scenery as you make your way into the special region in Yogyakarta. Upon arrival, your driver will pick you up and takes you to visit Prambanan Temple. All the temples in the Prambanan area were built between the 8th and 10th centuries AD, when Java was ruled by the Buddhist Sailendras in the south and the Hindu Sanjayas of Old Mataram in the north. Possibly by the second half of the 9th century, these two dynasties were united by the marriage of Rakai Pikatan of Hindu Mataram and the Buddhist Sailendra princess Pramodhavardhani. After your visit to this temple we drive you to your hotel in Yogyakarta.

Optinal: Fun night with locals

Day 5: Flight to Yogyakarta; Prambanan

Approximately at 4.30 in the morning, driver will pick you up and take you Borobudur Temple, where you will get to enjoy it earlier than any other visitor and wait for the sunrise. If time allows it you can also visit the nearby located Mendut and Pawon temple before we drive you straight to the airport for your evening flight to Bali. Up on arrival in Bali a car is ready to drive you to your hotel.

Day 6: Sanur – day tour Ubud surroundings

After breakfast a guide is ready to take you to Ubud. Today you’ll visit some of the highlights in this beautiful green area. You will stop at the UNESCO Heritage Site, Tegal Alang area abd lush green rice fields will amazed you. Then off to Bat Cave and Tampak Siring, to visit Gunung Kawih and Tirta Empul. Then we drive you bak to your hotel in Sanur.

Day 7: Departure

Driver is ready to take you to the airport for your next flight. Here our service ends. Have a safe journey!

Day 1 : Arrival Jakarta to Bogor

Individual arrival in Jakarta and transfer to your hotel in Bogor. Bogor was during the Dutch colonial times called Buitenzorg. Buitenzorg literally means without worry. At this pleasant place the worries of the big city could be escaped.
Up to today Bogor is an escape from the Metro pole Jakarta. Bogor is located at the foot of the 2211 m high Gunung Salak and its higher elevation makes its temperature more pleasant then in Jakarta.

Day 2 : Bogor

Today you have ample time to visit the world-famous botanical gardens: Kebun Raya. This beautiful garden of 80 hectares has at least 15,000 tree kinds below which 400 different kinds of palms and it is around the former presidential palace. A walk through the park leads you along rivers and lotus ponds. At the highest point of the garden lays an atmospheric colonial tea and coffee house.

Day 3 : Bogor – Bandung

You continue your journey through the beautiful landscape of Java. Via the spectacular Puncak Pass at an altitude of 1439 meters, overlooking tea plantations and sawa’s, you will arrive in Bandung. On the way you will be passing through the tea plantations as far as the eye can see and a tea factory can be visited. When Bandung was erased in 1920, the plan was to make a modern city, and architects were called from Europe to use the art deco style here for the design of the buildings. There are still some nice examples to be seen. The museum Geologi and museum Asia Afrika here are worth a visit. (closed after 14.00)

Day 4 : Bandung

By car you can get up as high as the crater of the active volcano Tangkuban Perahu. It is beautiful to walk along the rim of the crater of this 2076 high volcano. Nearby the volcano you can take a relaxing hot bath at the natural hot springs at Ciater.

Day 5 : Bandung  – Pangadaran

On the way you visit the only temple of West Java, Cangkuang. To get there you need to cross a lake filled with water lilies on a bamboo raft. Further on you can visit Naga, a traditional Sudanese village that still lives a step back in time. Late In the afternoon you will arrive at the small Peninsular where Pangandaran is located.

Day 6 : Pangadaran

You have two full days in Pangandaran. On the beach, fishermen get on traditional manner the fish in. You can laze away at the beach, but you can also bring a visit at the Green Canyon. With a small boat the guide will lead you through the caves where beautiful stalagmites and stalactites can be seen. The small nature reserve Prenanjun has a variety of wildlife as experienced local porcupines, deer and monkeys

Day 7 : Pangadaran – Wonosobo

In the morning you you leave the south coast and drive up to the mountains to the city of Wonosobo. Wonosbo lays on the edge of the 2000 m height situated Dieng Plateau. The night here can be cold thus a sweater can come handy.

Day 8 : Wonosobo – Borobudur

In the early morning the mysterious landscape of Dieng is at its best. The oldest Hindu temples of Java appear serene from the mist. A walk down along mountain paths with beautiful views on the slopes and along the vegetable gardens of the farmers is hard on the knees but very pleasant. In the afternoon you will arrive at your unique accommodation located on the complex of the largest Buddhist sanctuaries in the world, the Borobodur. A stunning sunset can be experienced.

Day 9 : Borobudur – Yogyakarta

In the early morning you can visit Borobudur at its best when it still quiet as the day visitors has not yet arrived. The morning light is great for photographing this awe-inspiring World Heritage Site of Borobudur. Built in the 8th century, this stunning artistic and architectural marvel lay undiscovered until 1815. Before you head on to Yogyakarta you will visit the nearby Pawon temple, which is in the middle of a typical village, and Mendut temple with its magnificent statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni.
Mid day you will continue to Yogyakarta – the cultural heart of Java.

Day 10 : Yogyakarta, free program

Many opportunities today; take a city tour with a cycle rickshaw (becak) to explore the Sultan’s Palace which is located in the heart of old city. The huge palace of the Sultans of Yogyakarta is actually the centre of a small walled city within the city. Over 25,000 people live within the greater Kraton compound, which its own market, shops, batik and silver cottage industries, school and mosques. Then on to Sono-Budoyo Museum, the pick of Yogya’s museums and go to the nearby water castle Taman Sari, a splendid pleasure park of palace, pools and waterways of the Sultan and his entourage to enjoy. In the evening you can attend a performance of the classic Ramayana dance and theatre.

Day : 11 – Yogyakarta,  Prambanan – Solo

Today you continue with your tour with a short drive to Solo. On the way, you will visit the famous Prambanan temples. This encompasses 224 ruined temples. The Hindu temple complex is of stunning beauty, and devoted to the gods Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. You will check in at the hotel in Solo by midday. The afternoon you can visit the Sultan palace. Here a local guide will show you around. At walking distance from the Sultan palace there is the Batik Museum Danar Hadi. This private museum houses the great collection of excellent Batik, antique and Royal textiles from Java and China etc. A guide will lead you to the 11 rooms with all kind of Batik. At the end and in the back of the museum you see about 200 people working in a big hall processing the batik textiles using different techniques.

In the evening there are great dining opportunities in the city. Interesting is the town centre where the night market is put up around the Alun Alun- the city centre.

Each day there are Theatre performances of Wayang Orang in the Sriwedari theatre. Performances are long, from 19.00 till 22.00, but you can drop in and go as you like. Since the Indonesians know the story by heart they can follow it from any point during the performance.

Day 12 : Solo – Malang

You will continue your overland tour to Malang. You will arrive in the afternoon at the cool and old-colonial city of Malang. (travel time approximately 8 hours)

Day 13 : Malang – Bromo

Morning is free to explore Malang town on your own. In the early afternoon, you ride via Probolinggo to the Gunung Bromo Volcano. Your hotel is in or nearby Cemoro Lawang, situated spectacularly on the edge of the Tengger crater. The ascent of the volcano is usually the highlight of every visit to Java. You can watch the sunset at spectacular Bromo.

Day 14 : Bromo – Kalibaru

An early rise (4.00 am!!) will ensure you have enough time for the jeep ride to the sunrise viewpoint up above. Cross the sea of sand’ and climb 246 steps upwards to the cone of Mt Bromo, and in the morning light you will see smoke rising from the crater; a fantastic view, made even better when the slowly rising sun reveals an amazing moon-like landscape. After this adventure you head back to your hotel for breakfast and continue to Kalibaru, where you stay the night in beautifully situated bungalows surrounded by coffee, cacao and rubber plantations.  (travel time approximately 7 hours)

Day 15 : Kalibaru – Lovina (Bali)

Drive along the north coast of East Java to Banyuwangi, Java east coast port. Here you’ll be fascinated by locals diving into the water off high construction poles to fetch the coins dropped into the water by passengers. A short boat journey with the local ferry will then bring you to Bali, the fabled Island of Gods and Demons. (travel time approximately 5 hours)

Day 16 : Lovina

A day with lots of options. If you want to see dolphins, prepare to get up early, and go out on the sea by small boat. Very often the dolphins will show you their jumping skills. Or for excellent snorkeling and diving head to Menjangan (Deer) island, part of the West Bali National Park. Or take a step back in time and visit the old Colonial houses or the only Buddhist temple there is on Bali. The warm springs of Banjar, finally, are also worth to visit.

Day 17 : Lovina – Ubud

First you visit the Gitgit Waterfall and proceed onto Bratan Mountain Lake, which is situated at a height of 1240 meters. The Pura Ulun Danu temple in this lake is said to be home of the Danu goddess, who is responsible for the water distribution to Bali many rice terraces. (travel time approximately 6 hours)

Day 18 : Ubud, free program

A wide range of optional excursions is possible for exploring Ubud and its surroundings. Interesting temples and palaces as the Elephant Cave, Tampak Siring or the famous Pura Besakih (the mother temple) and Kintamani are only a few of the interesting sights to visit. Trekkings around Ubud rice fields, white water rafting and spa treatments are also available. Interesting dance performances in former palaces or temple ceremonies are worth a visit, too! And last but not least, the many galleries in and around Ubud offer all handicrafts and arts.

Day 19 : Ubud – Sanur

A short drive will bring you to Sanur, a tranquil coastal town on the south-east coast of Bali. A perfect place to relax and let all the impressions of last two weeks settle down in your mind forever. The accommodation for the night is a pleasant cozy bungalow near the beach.

Day 20 : Sanur

You will have the opportunity to visit Bali highlights, rafting, cycling etc. Sanur has a wide range of excellent restaurants and shops for your souvenirs. It also has a nice and rather quite beach.

Day 21 : Sanur, tour ends

Tour ends after breakfast.

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