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Fishing boats Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok is noticeably different than its close neighbor, Bali. The northern part of the Island is mountainous and lush with tall trees and shrubs and the volcano Rinjani as it’s center point. The south on the othee hand, is arid and covered by savannas. Large asian mammals are absent and replaced by marsupials, lizards, cockatoos and parrots. The diversity of this island becomes more pronounced when we move towards the small islands (gili’s) in the Bali sea where the beauties of the underwaterworld sets the pace.

Must visit :

  • Sasak Traditonal Village
  • Ikat weaving
  • Rinjani Volcano
  • Gili Island(s)

Get Inspired on Lombok

Unique Experiences

We’ve created some unique experience for your travelers. These are excursions that will give a traveler that special moment in their holiday. Think off: a perfect white beach all to yourself, a special evening with locals or a walk in just that undiscovered area of a major city.

The life is slow in Gili Nanggu. This secluded island is the total opposite of Gili Trawangan, even quieter than Gili Meno, but you have dreamlike beaches with crystal clear water where you perfectly can snorkel, dive or simply have a bath. The beaches are quiet and there are no beach vendors to bother you since this is a private island. It’s perfect for a snorkeling, diving or relaxing day trip. If you want to take a time out and enjoy a few days relaxing among a tranquil South Sea atmosphere, this island is the right place for you.

Beach is a perfect place for such contemplation moment. Put a temple near it, above the rock that has a hole made by nature, then you have Batu Bolong Temple. Your sailing adventure will start in this lovely temple which has the best location for sunset. Not only the place, but you will get to know better with the local fisherman if you spend some of your time just for laying back on the beach. Experience the traditional canoe (Sampan) that will get you to the Lombok most famous beaches with its tropical water teeming with fish. the calm sensation when Like-glass clear of sea water cleaved by canoe on your way through Nipah Beach, pass bay after bay of beautiful beaches before heading back to Senggigi will be a part of the coast that is worth the trip. Clean and beautiful beaches, the friendliness of the locals and sea creatures below the sea water make the trip is more than just a sailing.

Lombok is not only about the beaches and temples, it has the history and culture that is interesting to be looked at. Getting to know what was happened and causing the recent Mataram with biking tour will be a good option to spend the holiday in Indonesia. A few places that are visited during the tour give the city of Mataram different color.  Such as Pura Segara with its local fishing boats make a line on the beach near the temple, old harbor town Ampenan with its abandoned port and remaining colonial buildings that will give you the feeling of going back to the old times of Mataram. There is Mandalika Public market with its crowded local trading activities, in which you may see how the locals’ food are, their daily needs, and how is the connection between the seller and buyer in market. Not only that, Mataram also has this palace named Narmada, a summer palace that was built as the replica of Rinjani Volcano for ritual purposes, a mountain resort with holy spring waters called Suranadi, and Lingsar, the holiest & oldest Hindu shrine and with a place called ‘kemalik’ that is sacred for some sasak people.

* Start/End in Senggigi Area

Inspiring Tours

Inspiring tours are tours we’ve created to give you insight in the tours we offer in our destinations.  From our most favorite tours to our less common traveled paths. Creating the perfect tour for your travelers is a path we gladly walk with you. Contact us now and one of our travel experts will get back to you.

Day 1 : Arrival in Senggigi

Individual arrival in Sengiggi and optional transfer to hotel in Sengiggi. Overnight at Sengiggi with its delightful accommodation situated next to the beach, don’t forget to watch the sunset from here, one of Indonesia’s best.

Day 2 : Sengiggi – Tetebatu

On the way to Tetebatu you’ll visit Lingsar. Lingsar is the saint of two religions: Wetu Telu (a mixture of adat and elements from the Islam) and the Balinese Hinduism. Continue to the gardens of Narmada water park. This complex was built in 1805 by the King of Mataram. Here you find a replica of the Gunung Rinjani and the Crater Lake Segara Anak with a temple for offerings that the King could use when he became too old to climb the Rinjani-volcano. Late afternoon you arrive in Tetebatu. Our Hotel is beautiful located amidst vegetable gardens and tobaccos plantations at the foot of the volcano Rinjani and with breathtaking views on the volcano.

Day 3 : Tetebatu

Explore traditional Lombok. Accompanied by a local guide you will take a hike through local villages, rice paddies, bamboo forests and to one of the beautiful waterfalls while trying to spot a local black monkey in the trees along the way. After your hike you will visit Pringgasela, a weaving village and enjoy a real “Sasak” meal. Drive to Masbagik, a village where people make pottery by traditional methods. Watch the process of basket weaving in Loyok.

Day 4 : Tetebatu – Senaru

A short, spectacular and beautiful drive through the remarkable dry east part of the island, brings you to Senaru, on the rarely by tourists visited north side of the island. An optional panorama walk around Senaru can be arranged here for this afternoon or tomorrow morning. The beautiful fertile valley situated at the base of Mt Rinjani is the start of a beautiful guided hike along the traditional inhabitants of this area. You will visit local friendly villages along the road, this will give you some idea how the people of Wetu Telu live nowadays. The local villagers are happy to meet and greet you in their houses.

Day 5 : Senaru – Gili Air

You will be heading off towards Bangsal. The main departure point for small fishermen boats towards Gili Air Island just off the coast of Lombok. Gili Air is just one of the three Gili Islands. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Famous for coral reefs, white sandy beaches, waiving palm trees, excellent swimming, snorkeling and diving. This is an excellent place for spotting giant sea turtles as well as harmless reef sharks’.

Day 6 : Gili Air

Feel like Robinson Crusoe, another tranquil day. Snorkeling, walking around this bounty paradise, drinking a fresh coconut and enjoying one of world’s greatest sunsets, on neighboring island Bali are more than worth considering.

Day 7 : Gili Air, end tour

Tour ends after breakfast and can be continued with a fast ferry ride that cross the strait of Lombok to Bali in less then 2 hours. Alternatively you can go by outrigger boat to the main land of Lombok and fly out from Mataram airport.

Day 1: Arrival Lombok – Senaru

Upon your arrival at Lombok airport, you will be welcomed by our driver. He will transfer you to Senaru, the slope of Mount Rinjani. Enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 2: Rinjani Trekking

Register at the Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC) in Senaru (601m) early in the morning, meet your guide and arrange National Park entry tickets. The RTC staff briefing explains the route details, local cultural traditions and what you might see, and lists rubbish management and safety procedures. The first hours of the trek climb steeply through thick tropical forests rich in flora, bird life and a variety of butterflies. You might see orchids, the long-tailed grey macaque monkeys and, if lucky, the rare black ebony leaf monkey, known locally as lutung. Rest stops are taken along the way, and at Pos 2 Montong Satas shelter (1,500m). Village stories and local legends are related by your guide. Features include the Bunut Ngengkang banyan tree that looks like someone standing with their legs apart and the Batu Penyesalan (remorse stone). Depending on your preference and weather conditions, the night’s camp is made either in the forest at Pos 3 Mondokan Lokaq (2,000m) after about five hours climb from Senaru, or continue the ascent for another couple of hours through grassy meadows to Plawangan 1 Senaru crater rim at 2,641m. From the crater rim are sweeping views across to Bali and Mt Agung, and down to the Segara Anak Lake (2,000m) within the Rinjani crater. Mt. Baru (2,351m) is an island in the lake and an active volcano, last erupting dramatically in 1994.

Day 3: Rinjani Trekking

Sunrise at the crater rim is a memorable start to Day 2. After enjoying the view, the trek proceeds for a couple of hours down the trail to the crater lake where the rest of the day is spent relaxing and swimming. There is plenty of time to explore the pilgrimage hot springs, said to have healing powers. Camp by the lakeside, enjoying dinner followed by the night sounds.

Day 4: End of Rinjani Trekking – Senggigi

After breakfast, start the three-hour steep ascent up to Plawangan 2 Sembalun crater rim (2,639 m). Look out for edelweiss along the path. Enjoy the view of the lake from the other side and the island of Sumbawa across the tropical ocean. The decent from the Sembalun crater rim is amidst the pine-like Casuarina species locally known as Cemara, and perhaps seeing evidence of wild pigs. After about 3.5 hours reach Pada Balong (1,800m) through grassland used as cattle grazing by local people. Mt Rinjani summit (3,726m) towers above us, Indonesia’s second highest volcanic peak. From here is a beautiful view of Sembalun Lawang and Sembalun Bumbung villages, known for coffee production until the crop was changed to garlic to take the advantage of the garlic boom in early 1990s. The road head is reached after another four hours gentle descent through open country, and the trek ends at the Rinjani Information Centre at Sembalun Lawang.

Afterwards, you will be transfered to Senggigi. Enjoy the night

Day 5: Senggigi

Still a very fine day in Senggigi Lombok for leisure. Enjoy the day as you wish. The area is the most developed tourist area on Lombok. There is now an extensive choice of accommodations to suit all budgets, along with some of the best restaurants and bars on the mainland. 
Approx. 3 miles north of Senggigi lies the Kerandangan Nature reserve with marked trails. Quieter beaches just north of Senggigi include Kerandangan, Mangsit, Klui, Lendang, Malimbu and Nipah.

Day 6: Senggigi – Sekotong

From Senggigi, today you will move to Sekotong. Located in the West Lombok, Ntb, Sekotong has a beautiful beach with clear sand that is perfect for leisure.

Day 7-8: Sekotong

Have a free leisure days in Sekotong. Enjoy your last few days in Indonesia in here, with the beautiful beach and serenity of the place, far from the crowd.

Day 9: Sekotong, departure

This is the last day of your beautiful journey in paradise island. You will be transferred to airport. Safe flight!

Day 1: Arrival Lombok – Kuta

Upon your arrival at Lombok airport, you will be transfered to Kuta, the southern coast of Lombok island. Enjoy the rest of the day at this relax place.

Day 2: Kuta

Enjoy the spectacular scenery, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe- inspiring landscapes and views. The beaches are some of the best in Indonesia, with pristine white sand, and transparent blue-greens in the water. Kuta has some of the best surfing in the world, so naturally many visitors are surfers.

Day 3: Kuta – Senggigi

Today you will continue to Senggigi. This is the main tourist center area on Lombok Island. The place is a great place for exploring the rest of the island.

Day 4: Senggigi

Senggigi is very laid-back, with activities centered on the beaches and a possibility for day trips to places of interest, which are all within a few hours’ drive from town. Senggigi is a relaxing and attractive place to stay. After a busy crowded town, to sit back on an absolutely beautiful and empty beach was nothing short of transforming.

Day 5: Senggigi – Tetebatu

From Senggigi, you will continue to Tetebatu. Laced with spring-fed streams and canals, sprinkled with traditional villages and blessed with rich soil, the place is a Sasak breadbasket. The surrounding countryside is quilted with tobacco and rice fields, fruit orchads and cow pastures that fade into remnant monkey forest where you’ll find some fabulous waterfalls. At 400m it’s also high enough on rinjani’s lower slopes to mute that hot, sticky coastal mercury. Dark nights come saturated in sound courtesy of a frog orchestra accompanied by countless gurgling brooks.

Day 6: Tetebatu

There are few interesting places in Tetebatu that is worth the visit. Such as Air Terjun Jukut that is believes can increase hair growth, a weaving village Pringasela where you can take a tour through the village and learn about the weaving techniques. The village tour gives a good insight into the daily lives of the villagers.

Day 7: Tetebatu, departure

The holiday is over, Lombok has been explored. After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport by our driver and have a flight for your next destination. Here our services end, wish you a safe flight and see you on your next trip in Indonesia.

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