‘Lushes white beaches, azure blue oceans, indigenous folklore, dense jungle will all be part of that great memory that Happy Trails! Asia can create for you.’ – Uca

 Ke’te’ Kesu, Tanah Toraja, Sulawesi


Sulawesi situated at the crossroads of strategic sea lanes is steeped in history and indigenous culture. Already in the capital Makassar (also known as Ujung Pandang) you get inspired. The traditional Buginese lifestyle is to be found at short distance of this modern city with its lively boulevard. Paotere harbor is delight to visit and experience everyday life. Teak wooden Penisi ship are loaded by day laborers while joking to present traders sipping their tea at a local ‘kaki lima’. Fort Rotterdam reminds you Makassars history in trading has been standing firm for centuries. Central Sulawesi offers insight in the by some perhaps considered lugubrious very special burial rituals and their ancestor worshipping. Attending the funeral of a Toraja family is considered a grave honor. You will be welcomed warmly and have your own seats. Traveling further North megaliths dating back as far as the 14th century are altered by some stunning green landscapes. This immense island I not only perfect for culture lovers, beach life can be enjoyed in North Sulawesi, the small Togian Archipel or the still to be discovered Wakatobi area.

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Must visit :

  • Pre historic handprint
  • Tana Toraja
  • Bada Valley
  • Bunaken under water
  • Minahasa culture

Get Inspired on Sulawesi

Unique Experiences

We’ve created some unique experience for your travelers. These are excursions that will give a traveler that special moment in their holiday. Think off: a perfect white beach all to yourself, a special evening with locals or a walk in just that undiscovered area of a major city.

Walking through fresh air near rice fields and limestone cliffs to a small village in Maros. The area is surrounded by beautiful Karst Mountains. Enjoy a warm snack and tea in local bugis house before continue the walk along rice fields in between 2 huge walls of lime stone to a small cave with hand prints. If you go a little inside the cave you will find some wonderful shining stalactites give the cave some luxurious nature vibe.
Sengkang is a small and quiet town with a population that is almost 100% Islamic Bugis who dominantly live in traditional wooden pile dwellings. It is the capital of the district of Wajo, one of the most influential Bugis states of the sixteen-century. The lake is filled with the floating “enceng gondok” plants. (Latin: Eichhornia crassipes) which can be recognized by the light purple flowers. On the lake you will see floating houses of fishermen and you can visit the local people on the floating house. you can observe the local fishermen catch fish in different ways using nets, fishing roads and bamboo fences. More than 20 species of water birds can be seen at this lake. visit a floating house to drink tea and coffee together with its inhabitants makes the holiday even more memorable.

Inspiring Tours

Inspiring tours are tours we’ve created to give you insight in the tours we offer in our destinations.  From our most favorite tours to our less common traveled paths. Creating the perfect tour for your travelers is a path we gladly walk with you. Contact us now and one of our travel experts will get back to you.

Day 1 : Arrival Makassar

Individual arrival in Makassar and optional transfer to your sea side hotel situated in the heart of the centre with pool.

Day 2 : Makassar – Sengkang

A spectacular drive, partly through limestone rock formations and canyons, will bring you to the town of Sengkang, located alongside the Tempe Lake. During the afternoon (and otherwise tomorrow morning) a very interesting excursion takes you by a narrow local “long tail” boat to the shallow lake fringed by wetlands, where you will visit local families at their floating bamboo houses. The wetlands are known for its magnificent birdlife. Sengkang also is famous for its quality silk weaving. A visit to one of the small home factories may result in some colorful purchases…

Day 3 : Sengkang – Rantepao

Today you will drive up into the mountains to Rantepao, located on an altitude of 600 m. This lively small town is our backdrop for the following 4 days, to explore the beautiful and unique Tana Toraja area. Regarding the scenic landscapes as well from a cultural point of view, one of the most interesting areas in Indonesia! In the mountainous environment you will find picturesque rice fields, characteristic Toraja villages, amazingly with cow-horn and wood-carved decorated traditional houses and friendly inhabitants.

Day 4 : Rantepao

Today and tomorrow you will make excursions to a range of interesting sights in Toraja such as traditional villages with the famous Tongkonan houses, located in the environment around Rantepao. Also very impressive visits will be made to the authentic ‘Tau Tau’ (big wooden puppets, posed in front of graves and symbolizing the spirit of the dead person), rock-graves and tree- graves in where passed away babies are being buried. These excursions not only give you a deep insight in the local culture and traditions, also you will be dwelled by beautiful views and the picturesque natural environment of Toraja, while driving around in your mini bus.

Day 5: Rantepao

In Toraja regularly religious ceremonies take place, in the context of for example a funeral. During these interesting occasions many pigs and buffalos are slaughtered and sacrificed surrounded and visited by hundreds of guests. As such a ceremony costs an incredible high amount of money, families save money for many years or even decades.
In case such a ceremony takes place during your stay in Toraja, we will adjust your program these days in such a way that we will have the opportunity to attend one of these impressive, mind- boggling ceremonies.

Day 6 : Rantepao, start trek

Today you will start your guided trek through the remote and beautiful countryside around Rantepao. Wandering via rice fields and bamboo forests you will pass by picturesque, traditional Tongkonan settlements as local farmers welcoming you warmly. The trek is not too strenuous with many ascents & descents, however it’s more then a “walk around the park”. In the evening you will arrive in a small traditional Tongkonan settlement, where you will spend the night with the friendly owners. Sitting around a campfire and singing local songs, they will prepare a delicious, typical dinner for you. An experience you will never forget!

Day 7 : Rantepao, end trek

After waking up by the early morning sounds of gooses & cocks and having a fierce breakfast, you will hit the local trails again. A half day of roaming through serene sceneries and villages, will bring you back to Rantepao again. There you can take a well-earned massage or spa treatment to spoil yourself even more after all these beautiful impressions.

Another spectacular optional excursion is rafting the Sungai Sa’dan in Toraja. An adventurous drive high up into the mountains will bring you to the very remote departure point of a walk down into a steep valley to the Sa’dan River. Experienced instructors will brief and guide you on this astonishing beautiful raft, right through the middle untouched wilderness with rapids of sometimes class 3-4. On the way you will encounter scenic canyons and interesting wildlife as monkeys and big lizards.

Day 8 : Rantepao – Makassar

A long, but beautiful drive will bring you to back to Makassar. The famous Dutch colonial Fort Rotterdam and the interesting Chinese temples full of incense are really worth visiting! After a beautiful sunset from the romantic boulevard you can enjoy delicious, fresh seafood in one of the many trendy restaurants.

Day 9 : Makassar, tour ends

Tour ends after breakfast.

Day 1 : Arrival Makassar

Upon your arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to your hotel in Makassar for an overnight

Day 2 : Makassar, Maros Trip – Malino

Today will give you a chance to feel the serenity of Maros away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will be picked up from your hotel to the starting point. Walk through rice fields and lime stone cliffs (also possible to follow small road) to a small village. Snack + tea will be served for you in local Buginese house. Continue your walk between 2 huge limestone walls to a cave with hand prints. You will have a chance to row a canoe as you go back to the main road.

Once you finish exploring Maros, you will be transferred to Malino highland

Day 3 : Malino

The area of Malino consists of a lush green hilly landscape with conifers, countless rice fields and is surrounded by mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls. A truly beautiful area to explore by mountain bike or on foot. Along the way you can learn about how rice is being processed, encounter wild animals and admire special species of trees plants, including numerous fruit trees. Due to the mountainous area the trip includes a

few light as well as steep climbs. However, each time you will be rewarded by aspectacular panoramic view over the green surroundings.

Day 4 : Malino – Bira

Today, you will move from the cool atmosphere in the highland to the paradise of underwater life, Bira beach.  This village in Bulukumba Regency is well known for its long history of maritime heritage. Besides its boat-building tradition, this place attracts visitors with its fascinating white-sand beach. However, Bira is completely different as it is quiet. No wonder Bira is one of the best hideouts for those who prefer tranquility.

Day 5 : Bira

If you are a big fan of water activity, Bira is a perfect place for you. Grab your snorkeling gear, get under the crystal clear water and see the

wonders for yourself. Coral reefs fringes along the beach. Colourful sea creatures will spoil your eyes.

Day 6 : Bira – Sengkang

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Sengkang, the center part of South Sulawesi. Sengkang is a small and quiet town with a population that is almost 100% Islamic Bugis who dominantly live in traditional wooden pile dwellings. It is the capital of the district of Wajo, one of the most influential Bugis states of the sixteen-century. In the afternoon, you will be transferred to a small pier where you board a traditional colorful motorized canoe. The canoe trip will take you through the small Walennea River to the Tempe Lake, a lake that covers an area of at least 1.000 ha in the dry season and expands to around 35.000 ha during the wet season when all surrounding areas are flooded. On the lake you can observe the local fishermen catch fish in different ways using nets, fishing roads and bamboo fences. More than 20 species of water birds can be seen at this lake. Some of the fishermen live in floating houses near the edge of the lake. You will visit a floating house to drink tea and coffee together with its inhabitants.

Day 7 : Sengkang – Rantepao

After breakfast, we depart from Sengkang to Rantepao. After approximately 4 hours, we will stop at Makale. Here, you will have a short stop and meet your local guide. From Makale to Rantepao is another 1.5 hours. On route, we will make several stops to introduce you to the magnificent Toraja culture.

Day 8 : Rantepao

A day tour today will take you to rock graves/tree

graves and saddle house. After breakfast, our guide will pick you up at your hotel to set for a full day exploring Toraja. Firstly, we will visit Lemo to see rows of Tau Tau statues and the hanging graves. Onwards to Suaya to discover the secret of the Baby Tree. We will also be visiting Londa to see and ancient grave where the deceased are entombed. At Kete Kesu one of the oldest Torajan villages we can see Tongkonan and the old rice barns. This village is also famous for its traditional colorful woodcarving. In the afternoon you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Day 9 : Rantepao – Makassar

After breakfast, you will start on a long journey to Makassar. Arrival in Makassar will be early evening. Spend the remaining evening as you please. The boulevard of Makassar makes for a nice stroll after this long drive.

Day 10 : Makassar

Today, at appropriate time, you will be transferred to airport to catch your flight to your next destination.

Day 1 : Arrival Manado

Welcome to Manado. The capital of the province, the former stronghold of the Dutch and the cultural center of the Minahasa people. For a long time Manado prospered through trade with the nearby Philippines and the spice trade with the rest of the world.

Day 2 : Manado – Tomohon

This morning, your driver is ready to take you to Tomohon. Along your way, you will visit Tasikosi, a wildlife rescue center in North Sumatra to care for the ever increasing inflow of confiscated illegally kept and traded wildlife within Indonesia.

Day 3 :Tomohon

The Minahasa district is located at an altitude of 700-800 meters in a volcanic area. You can see fumes rising up from the grounds, beautiful lush green landscapes and colourful flowers growing everywhere. An interesting area where you can see houses being broken down to be sold again as a ‘do-it-yourself-packet’, the ancient waruga sarcophagi and home industries. Beautiful trails lead you on a walk near the colored sulfur lake of Linow and towards a waterfall

Day 4 : Tomohon – Tangkoko

Today, a transfer to Tangkoko will let you stop at Sawangan where you can see waruga. Waruga is a type of sarcophagus or above ground tomb traditionally used by the Minahasans . They are made of stone and consist or a ridged upper part and a box shaped lower section.
Arrived at your hotel in Tangkoko, get a little rest before having an afternoon walk to a jungle to spot tarsier, a very small monkey the size of a human hand. It feeds during the night and will only return to its sleeping tree just before sunrise

Day 5 : Tangkoko – Bunaken

Go for a morning walk in National Park Tangkoko Batuangus, a beautiful park, filled with fruit trees and palm trees. As fruits are abundant here, the forest can hold a large number of mammals and birds. It is not too difficult for you to spot the black short tail monkeys which are endemic to Sulawesi. After a morning walk, get yourself ready for tropical island of Bunaken, a diving paradise in the north of Sulawesi.

Day 6-8 : Bunaken

Enjoy a secluded bays and white sandy beaches. Snorkel or dive the worldwide famous coral gardens and their drop offs. Relax on the beach or walk into the jungle to hear the birds singing

Day 9 : Bunaken, departure

Say goodbye to your good days in paradise. A transfer to airport will be done at an appropriate time. See you at another journey! Have a safe flight.

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