27 March – Updates! COVID-19 Indonesia and Malaysia

As I am sure you are aware, worldwide the impacts of the corona virus on tourism has been significant. In recent hours various developments have taken place in Malaysia, which has limited travel to the country.

We have set up an email address to assist with all cancellations, reschedules and questions related to pax in house. Kindly send your emails to emergency@happytrailsasia.com

We thank you for your kind patience in our reply speed. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since we can expect daily changes and updates, we have created below an overview of all updates and changes. Any new and adjusted policies are marked in yellow. 

What are the updates of 27th March, as of 12:00noon local time:

  • Malaysia nationwide movement control order has been extended until 14 April 2020.

Starting next week, most of our teams will start working from home. However, your Contact Person can be reached via Skype or email as usual.

With this email we would like to update you that Malaysia has extended the nationwide movement control order from Wednesday (March 18) until Apirl, 14th due to the Covid-19 outbreak. All business premises will be shut down, except for essential services such as utilities, telecommunications, transport, banking, health, pharmacies, ports, airports, cleaning and food supplies.

Are pax affected and actions taken?
Yes, pax affected will be assisted by our teams who are working over to ensure smooth assistance.
Pax in house will be able to finish their tour as per current status, based on the information currently available to us. In case clients decide to change their trip, we will assist providing an alternative to change their itinerary. Any additional costs will need to be covered by the guests. All clients in Malaysia are currently contacted.
Pax not yet inside the country, will not be allowed to enter the country until April 14th. 

To control the spread, we have received the news that Indonesia announced travel restrictions for all tourists commencing 00.00 hrs on March 20th (West Indonesia Time) 2020 by suspending visa free, free diplomatic and service visa and visa on arrival facilities for the period of 1 month. For visitors still intending to visit Indonesia, a visa is required from their closest embassy and a health certificate will be needed.



Furthermore, a complete travel ban is issued for any individual who has been in the below countries in the past 14 days:
a. Iran;
b. Italy;
c. Vatican;
d. Spain;
e. France;
f. German;
g. Switzerland;
h. United Kingdom
i. China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
j. South Korea (certain regions)

Moreover, anyone arriving to Indonesia will be asked to complete a health alert card upon arriving to the port of entry in Indonesia.

Our dedicated emergency team is ready to assist and will help with rescheduling, evacuation and cancelling necessary services. Please contact them on emergency@happytrailsasia.com



Effective 15 March, all new visitors with recent travel history to the following regions within the last 14 days will not be allowed entry into Singapore, or transit through Singapore: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iran, northern Italy, Republic of Korea,China, ASEAN countries, Japan, UK & Switzerland


Possibly, if the period gets extended.We will inform you.

We will closely monitor the situation, and keep you informed.

At the moment, nothing is requested from your side. If pax contact you, please ask them to contact us on our emergency number or by emailing to: emergency@happytrailsasia.com

We will monitor the situation closely and assist your pax in the best of our ability. A further update will follow when conditions change.

If you require further information please contact emergency@happytrailsasia.com

Please inform your guests about the recent developments. In case of any adjustments or changes, we will keep you updated.

Stay healthy and safe.

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