Orang Utan, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Happy Trails Indonesia goes Carbon Neutral

After getting the certified level for sustainable tourism, Happy Trails will from 2018 onwards also both reduce the company’s carbon emissions as well as offset all carbon emissions* from the tours it organizes in Indonesia, through a large tree planting program**. We already started with a limited tree planting program in cooperation with the Masarang foundation in 2016 which protects prime forests, regenerates waste land through reforestation and protects key species such as orangutans and honey bears.

In 2018, 2019 and 2020 we collaborated with a tree planting project in West Kalimantan, in the form of so called “forest garden” A forest-garden will provide the farmers with and additional daily livelihood source. This prevent the destruction of nature as the farmers do not need to clear existing forest for their daily income. Normally it is developed on a post-harvest rice field. Some trees are planted (garden) and some other trees are growing naturally (forest)  hence the name forest garden. Over the years we have financed more than 85.000 planted trees. Reports can be viewed by clicking on the underneath link:


What is Carbon Offsetting? 
Offsetting carbon emissions is a way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to zero through planting trees which over their lifetime stores CO2 from the atmosphere in the growth of trees. So while we cannot avoid emissions at one point, we take counter act or offset them with these activities.

The Happy Trails Carbon Neutral program consists of the following steps:
1. Reduce emissions from electricity use (in Indonesia nearly 100% generated by coal) especially from the air-conditioning of our offices as wel as the hotels we use. Going completely solar is too early as there are high upfront investment costs for which the company needs to find finance first.
2. Start a program with our hotel partners to reduce electricity use especially through a program to reduce the use of air-conditioning, which is the most polluting factor in land travel.
3. Offset all customer flights, land transport and electricity use through a tree planting program.
4. Talk to those partner tour operators who do not have a plan in place for CO2 offset of the long haul flight involved in the tour package.
5. Cooperation with colleague companies in Bali to help our hotel and transport partners to lower their emissions.

The emissions on long haul holidays is something we want to offset in its entirety.  We will talk to our partners one by one to make this happen. All have plans for 100% offset of CO2 emissions on the flights as well.

Happy Trails supports the introduction of a worldwide steep price on carbon emissions, but until that is in place we will take our own measures
The carbon offsets will mitigate more than 1250 tons of CO2 emissions per year through the almost 10.000 travelers per year for whom we organize the tours through our beautiful destination. For more information on how we did our calculation download the file by clicking the button ‘Carbon Calculation’ on the right.

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