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Founded in 2003, Happy Trails! Asia is an adaptable, understanding and passionate partner in Asia. We pride ourselves in our in-depth local knowledge and enthusiasm towards our destinations, while maintaining their sustainability and enhancing the livelihoods of the local community through extensive collaboration. We are also constantly aware of the importance of innovating our services to keep on edge with the latest news and trends in the quickly evolving travel industry. This, combined with a strong focus on efficiency, customer service, information technology and our teams’ personal touch, makes us that strong and reliable partner in Asia.

Currently we provide our expert services to dozens of well-established tour operators from over fifteen countries; i.e. China, Europa, India, USA, Vietnam and several online travel platforms.

Happy Trails! Asia offers its personalized services to any market segments regardless of budget. May it be price-savvy holidays or high-end luxury travel, FIT or GIT, all our clients and their guests will receive our extensive support and local knowledge.

Together with our local partners, with whom we sometimes partnered up since our starting years, we ensure that thousands of guests have great experiences during their travels and great memories afterwards.

“Still proud to be part of this team of great travel enthusiasts who daily work actively in creating great memories for travelers to our destinations”

Gerald van Amerongen – Managing Director

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