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THE FUTURE OF TRAVELING -A Responsible Partner In Asia

Happy Trails Asia beliefs firmly that the future in traveling goes hand in hand with responsible and sustainable tourism. Therefore, its at the core of our philosophy to maximize the positive impacts of tourism in our destinations, whilst minimizing the negative impacts. Our inclusive 360-degrees approach ensures that all aspects within our operations and organization are true to these principles.


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In order to ensure our practices are validated, we collaborate with Travelife.

Travelife is an international certification scheme which has been developed by the travel industry, for the travel industry.

Happy Trails! Asia’s Indonesia office is the first Indonesian DMC to be certified by Travelife at the highest “certified level”.


Find out more on travelife on:

Note: Our Malaysian offices are currently finalizing their certification, expected to be certified by midst 2021.

All our services and operations are 100% Co2 Neutral, may it be trekking tour or a domestic flight, we have got you covered.

We operate a carbon off-set scheme in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo (Kalimantan), in which we collaborate with local farmers. In this, we are a carbon-neutral and climate-neutral company, such as we have replanted more than 25,000 trees and still continued, implemented electricity and water conservation in all offices, reduced paper usage, managed and reduce waste, sustainable procurement and sustainable travel.

Explore more here about our carbon offset scheme



As a local DMC we welcome all travelers to our destinations and promote tourism with an attitude of tolerance and respect for the diversity of beliefs and way of lives and we observe the social and cultural traditions and practices, including those of minorities and indigenous people. Our tourism activities are conducted in harmony with the destination and in respect for the local laws, traditions, and customs. (picture not yet, it just sample)

Community based experiences

With sustainable and responsible tourism at our core, we pride ourselves in offering unique community-based experiences.

Independently audited by Travelife, we ensure that these experiences benefit the community, generate local employment, are plastic free and carbon neutral!

Explore below video of one of our projects in Bali.


Responsible Accommodation

We offer a large variety of responsible hotel options, from five star luxury to camping on private islands!

Responsible Experiences

Experience Indonesia majestic volcano’s, or Borneo;s orang utans, we know the way to keep your footprint small.

Responsible Transportation

By train or by plane, we will advise you the possibilities and keep sustainable offerings in mind.

Responsible Tours

Our dedicated team of specialists will advise you on how to ensure your tour is as responsible as possible



We work closely together with our supply chain throughout our destinations, this furthermore includes collaboration with governmental agencies and NGO’s.

In Indonesia this includes being a founding member of the Indonesian DMC Sustainability collaboration, as well as conducting regular trainings, loan programs and CSR actions throughout our destinations.


We believe it is important to give back to our communities, and help the region to develop in a positive way. Therefore, we have an extensive corporate responsibility program, which focusses on:


  • child protection
  • child education
  • environmental protection
  • creating better living conditions
  • water management / clean water

Our Projects

We participate in the following projects:


Feel free to explore below documents related to our responsible tourism practices

Sustainability Policy

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Report to the public

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CSR Report

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Carbon neutral

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