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Transport by Car

Organizing tours throughout Indonesia means you need transport. Starting from a short transfer from the airport to a hotel up to a full overland tour from Sumatra to Bali to get from location to location you need cars.  To be able to offer good quality transport Happy Trails Indonesia has handpicked only the best partners to work with. Partners that value safety, comfort and good maintenance.  All this to make sure our clients get to fully enjoy their stay in Indonesia.

Bee Trans

To have more direct influence on the quality, safety and comfort Happy Trails works closely together with its sister company Bee Trans. This transportation company provides most of the transport on Java. Having started in 2011 the fleet of cars is brand new which ensures safety and good quality of the cars. Off course maintenance is still an important part of the daily operations.


However a car is only as good as its driver. So that is why it is important to have good drivers. Drivers that know the routes, interesting sights and those special photo moments along the road. But maybe even more important is to know how to drive safely on the sometimes chaotic Indonesian roads. For Bee Trans only the best drivers get hired and the same goes for all our other transportation partners. Unfortunately many of the best drivers only speak Indonesian. There are some exceptions but that is why, to get a full experience, we recommend also to have a guide with you that can speak English or maybe even your own language!

Vehicle size

Happy Trails Indonesia organizes tours for both Individuals as well as groups. This means different kinds of vehicles. That is why we have the option to choose between cars with a maximum of 2 persons capacity up to buses that can transport up to 24 people at the same time.  Find some examples in the pictures on the left
So in short we do our utmost to provide our clients with the best transportation available seeing as transport and driver, especially on a longer overland trip, can make all the difference.