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Transport by Train

A comfortable and beautiful way to travel is by train. You have a comfortable seat and can relax while the stunning Indonesian landscape runs by you. Trains are only available on the island of Java and run all the way from east to west and can stop anywhere in between. There are several nice routes to take whilst on a tour across Java. Have a look at this tour we prepared to get an idea.
Various coach classes are available in the trains. The cheapest class is Economy which is non-air conditioned and you sit on a hard bench. The better option is Business class where the seats are more comfortable and even has a reclining option. The best is Executive class which is air conditioned and has reclining seats. This class is comparable with the better classes in other countries. The Executive class is also the class we always book for our clients. This way you have the most comfort to be able to fully enjoy the train ride. Also the price difference between Business and Executive class is negligible.