Two Rafflesia flowers bloom in Bengkulu

The world’s biggest flower, the Rafflesia arnoldii, has bloomed in two different locations in Bengkulu, Sumatra.

Those who want to witness this rare sighting can come to Taba Penanjung Forest in Bengkulu Tengah district, or Tebat Monok Forest in Kepahiang district. It is advised to come soon as the flower will wither in two days from Tuesday, said Gerhana from the Kepahiang-based Komunitas Peduli Puspa Langka (Community Care for Rare Flowers).

The flower has attracted many since its first blossom. “People have come to visit since yesterday, although it’s not a holiday. The location is also not too deep in the forest,” Gerhana told

One domestic tourist, Romi, came to see the flower with his friend. “It’s not my first time [seeing the flower]. Last time I went to see it on purpose, but this time I just passed through [the street] and was told that there’s [a flower] blooming,” he said, adding that visitors only needed to walk about five minutes from the main road in order to reach the location.

Photo Source/News source