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Bamboo weaving, Lombok, Indonesia

Happy Trails! Asia a solid choice to make

Since 2003 we’re operating in South-East Asia giving us not only years of experience but also years to build on a strong a high quality local team. Our team helps approx. 10.000 travelers pre, during and after their holiday in our destinations. Being based in the region your clients travel too gives us many obvious advantages in knowledge and service.

Our team regularly sets out to survey hotels, make test tours or try and have occasional mystery guests evaluating services offered. Also a reason why we are able to keep our overall services on a high and accurate level. Of course we inform you as our partner on the best choices you can make for your clients.

The pillars of our partnership are best described in 5 short strong words:

What our partners may expect of us:

  • One account manager specially appointed to pro-actively handle your correspondence in order to ensure you get the professional and personal service that you are looking for.
  • Fast response rates: answers and/or quotation within 2 working days.
  • Swift Confirmation: our goal is to confirm a booking within 5 workings days.
  • Clear and complete quotations
  • Online price catalogue
  • 24/7 ability to check booking status
  • Tailor-made programs to your clients specific wishes
  • Pro-active information service when it comes to new products/services or important up-to-date situations via social media, newsletter, website or e-mail.
  • Providing you with valuable destination information

What your clients may expect from us:

  • Well trained tour leaders available for different languages’ (meet & greet on the airport in the high season)
  • Clear and complete vouchers and (if desired) welcome packages
  • 24/7 emergency and complaints hotline
  • On the spot assitance during the tour

Happy Trails! Asia’s Quality is shown not only in the service level of our team but also in the professional up to date-systems we use to process your requests, quotes and bookings. Furthermore our quality is shown in the active role we take in keeping Asia a great holiday destination for years to come by being responsible and train our staff in sustainable holidays which is not only shown in our excursions but also in the offices we keep. Off course part of being responsible means keeping a close eye on the health and safety of the people we work with which goes hand I hand with long lasting quality, hence our quality management system.

IT System

Happy Trails Asia is highly focused on IT systems. This might not sound unique for Europe but it definitely is for Asian DMC’s. We are always looking for ways to improve our efficiency and thus our service speed by using advanced IT-systems.

Website login

Happy Trails! Asia also offers its partners a website login. Specially developed for FIT clients bookings and requests. After logging in our partner can check the booking status of dossiers 24/7, download vouchers and invoices and much more. However the most important part is an online price-catalog. In this you can find all our prices per product (hotel, meals, transport, activities) specially selected for each of our partners for each destination you operate in. A very easy and accessible system that even if desired gives our partners the opportunity to very easy calculate their own quotations. Off course Happy Trails Asia is always available for advice and assistance but when time is of the essence you can answer your clients very quickly which sometimes makes all the difference.

Health & Safety

Happy Trails! Asia’s health and safety standard stands

  • for training our team on quality checks and emergency procedures,
  • for access to a 24/7 hotline available to all travelers,
  • for gathering (safety) information from our suppliers,
  • for regular surveys of hotels on quality, hygiene and safety
  • & specially for the fact that Happy Trails Asia is almost unique in Asia for having a liability insurance with a set insurance value per traveler.

Quality Management

Happy Trails! Asia’s Quality management refers to rules and regulations we have set in place internally to make sure we get the best quality for all the tours and we maintain a consistent quality level. All we offer is regularly tested by our team to make sure the level of excursions is consistent. We also use mystery guests to test and survey hotel, transport, tours or excursions.

Happy Trails Asia knowledge can typically be found our offices throughout Asia we have about (50) people working as staff 95% is local. All our staff goes on regular inspections to keep up to date about (new) hotels and activities. By regular in house training’s we broaden horizons we aim to use obtained knowledge in creating the best (tailor made) tours, and offer our partners the best excursions fitting to the different travel wishes of all travelers. Our team is not only trained on quality standards, emergency procedures or service levels. We also train in cultural difference; to make our Asian staff understand a traveler better and being able to provide that best fitting tour to our partner. Another training has to do with keeping the future in mind. Not just life here and now. We share our views on the future in traveling and the necessity to keep the environment and the places we visit usable for decades to come. By doing this safely and by keeping these destinations clean and beautiful for travelers but also for our staff and suppliers. We need to be smart and on top of new laws, be aware of changing governments and … In short our knowledge results from our passion to show your clients the best destinations in Asia by creating a better understanding between travelers and the wonderful people of Asia.

Happy Trails! Asia’s innovation concurs from having a keen eye on product development and always being on the look-out to developments and technology that will help us service and process received request more efficient. We stand for innovation in being alert in changes and trends in the travel industry. From being aware of the incredible destinations we are able to travel and the fortune we have to show some awesome destinations to others.

Happy Trails! Asia’s experience has been developed for more than 10 years. Since 2002 we’ve been a top growing DMC in Asia. Over 75 tour operators from all over the world trust their valued clients to us each year to have the memory of a life time. Building solid relationship with our partners is key and the reason why so many tour operators trust us for all these years. And these values do not only stand for our partners that is also how we cooperate with our suppliers. We believe mutual understanding, trust and willingness to work together will have a positive effect on the quality and flexibility of our end user; the traveler. We work with suppliers for many years making it possible for them to give the extra mile needed. A good relationship with our suppliers results in a perfect end product.

First Travelife certified DMC in Indonesia
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