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Malaysia Borneo

Discover the gift of nature

Borneo is an unparalleled and inspiring island where headhunters roam the jungle freely; where dragon-like birds with horns on their beaks soar the skies; and where the largest orchid in the world can be found. Malaysian Borneo is a place where religions fuse together harmoniously; where the most arboreal great ape gracefully swings through the treetops; and where the locals go crazy about the thought of the local delicacy: a live, fat and juicy worm.

Sarawak, Malaysia’s largest state is also the least explored where one can spot Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys and Bearded Pigs. The state of Sabah is home to one of the largest peaks in South-East Asia, as well as some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world. Both states have been accredited a World UNESCO Site, namely Mulu National Park in Sarawak and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.


The Seasons in Borneo

Because its proximity to the equator, seasonal weather variation in Indonesia is limited. Roughly speaking, there are two mild seasons: wet season, which runs October through April, and dry season, which runs May through September.

Dry Season

April to October, Less rain with cool breezes

Rainy Season

November to March, Rainy & generally hotter



Get Inspiried on Borneo

Unique Experiences

We’ve created some unique experience for your travelers. These are excursions that will give a traveler that special moment in their holiday. Think off: a perfect white beach all to yourself, a special evening with locals or a walk in just that undiscovered area of a major city.

Follow the Headhunter in Mulu

This unique tour program takes travelers through a large part of Mulu National Park. The park was gazette as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 and is home to the world’s largest known natural chamber by area – the Sarawak Chamber. During the standard 5day/4night package travelers will visit multiple caves, each unique on its own. On the second day, the party will start the trek towards Camp 5, from where they can climb the Pinnacles. These limestone formations are another unique characteristic of the park


  • Visit to the largest known cave passage in the world
  • Observe a massive bat exodus from one of the caves
  • Climb Gunung Api (Fire Mountain) to see the famous Pinnacles – 45 meter high razor sharp limestone spikes
  • Trek through Borneo jungle

Unique Cycling through Bornean

Cycling is a relatively new and hip activity in Sarawak’s capital of Kuching. Many speed bicycles rush past as well as mountain bikes. People start using push bikes to go to work, and many take a leisure ride in the evening. A unique Happy Trails! Asia tour has been created. This excursion takes your travelers through the hinterland of Borneo, about one hour from Kuching. A guide will be present at this excursion at all the time. Travelers will visit a century-old mining town that turns into a food-festival every weekend; off-road paths will be taken to hidden and forgotten gold mines, as well as a unique cave with hundreds of thousands of swiftlets and bats.


  • Off-road mountain biking at the foothills of a mountain
  • Optional overnight at a century old Chinese mining town
  • Beautiful views of Mount Serapi
  • Taste local food

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