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“Taking care of our destinations and those who’s home it is, is at a core of our great experiences”
Koen Ruish

Raja Ampat, Papua

The Future of Travel-
A Responsible Partner In Asia

Happy Trails Asia beliefs firmly that the future of travel goes hand in hand with responsible and sustainable tourism. Therefore, its at the core of our philosophy to maximize the positive impacts of tourism in our destinations, whilst minimizing the negative impacts.

Our inclusive 360-degrees approach ensures that all aspects within our operations and organization are true to these principles.


Independently Audited

We collaborate with Travelife for our implementation and auditing of our sustainable and responsible tourism practises.

Travelife is an international certification scheme which has been developed by the travel industry, for the travel industry. It is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3)Travelife Certified.

Happy Trails! Asia’s Indonesia office is the first Indonesian DMC to be certified by Travelife at the highest “certified level”.*

* Note: Our Malaysian offices are currently finalizing their certification, expected to be certified by midst 2021.

We care for our Planet and we are committed to offset the Carbon Emission of all our services and operations, from a basic half day tour to a domestic or regional flight.

We take part on a variety of projects within Indonesia and Malaysia, to offset the company and travellers carbon footprint, including reforestation programs and collaboration with local farmers.

With over 20,000 trees planted on a yearly basis, we can label ourself as a Carbon-Neutral company. Furthermore, we have implemented a variety of policies and actions within our offices, to decrease the water and energy consumption, to reduce paper usage, to reduce and manage waste, sustainable procurement and much more.  

Part of our Communities

Respect for our communities

We welcome all travelers to our destinations and promote tourism with a focus on tolerance and respect for the diversity of beliefs and way of lives within the communities we operate in. Furthermore, we observe the social and cultural traditions and practices, including those of minorities and indigenous people.

Our tourism activities are conducted in harmony and collaboration with the communities, and in respect for the local laws, traditions, and customs.

Community based experiences

With sustainable and responsible tourism at our core, we pride ourselves in offering unique community-based experiences. These experiences aim to assist communities to benefit from tourism, whilst allowing travelers to interact and learn about these unique places.

Independently audited by Travelife, we ensure that these experiences benefit the community, generate local employment, are plastic free and carbon neutral! Explore below video of one of our projects in Bali.

Responsible tourism services

Responsible Accomodation

We offer a large variety of responsible accommodation options, from five star luxury to camping on private islands!

Responsible Experiences

Experience Indonesia majestic volcano’s, or Borneo;s orang utans, we know the way to keep your footprint small and benefit the local community.

Responsible Transportation

By train or by plane, we will advise you the possibilities and keep sustainability in mind.

Responsible Tours

Our dedicated team of specialists will advise you on how to ensure your tour is as responsible as possible whilst having a great experience.


Sustainable and responsible tourism is without a doubt something that we should all aim for together. Therefore, we work closely together with our supply chain throughout our destinations as well as with governmental agencies and NGO’s.

In Indonesia this furthermore, includes being a founding member of the Indonesian DMC Sustainability collaboration, as well as conducting regular trainings, loan programs and CSR actions throughout our destinations.

Happy Trails! Asia is a signatory of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action Tourism.

By joining the Glasgow Declaration, Happy Trails! Asia is stepping forward as a global leader working to accelerate climate action in tourism and supporting the global commitment to cut emissions in half by 2030 and reach Net Zero as soon as possible before 2050. Beyond the primary objectives of the Glasgow Declaration, signatories are also expected to:

  • Lead by example driving action, sharing knowledge, and catalysing collaborative action throughout the sector.
  • Raise awareness about the urgency for the tourism sector to take action and play its role as an agent of change.

Giving back - CSR

As part of our commitment to the communities we operate in, we have an extensive corporate social responsibility program (CSR).

We believe it is important to give back and collaborate with our communities, to help them to develop in a positive way. Therefore, our CSR program focuses on the below pillars:

Environmental protection

Our projects focus on environmental protection, with a special attention to waste and water management and the provision of clean water.

Child protection and education

We believe children are the future of our communities, therefore we support programs which focus on their education and protection.

Better living conditions

Within many of the indigenous communities we visit, living conditions are not suitable. For example, running water or sanitary facilities may not exist, therefore, we support in the development and maintenance of these.

Our Projects

Explore some our our many projects below

At Yayasan Widyaguna Bali

Yayasan Widya Guna is an education center in Ubud Bali. Less fortunate children and those with disabilities receive education/day programs free of charge, run by volunteers.

Emergency Relief

We support emergency relieve throughout our destinations. May it he the earthquakes in Lombok, or Tsunami in Sulawesi, together with our worldwide partners we assist!

Education in Flores

In cooperation with the Tolong Flores foundation, we support their efforts to bring education through the island, which create opportunities for those less fortunate.

At Bonjeruk Village, Lombok

In Lombok, together with a tour leader that has been part of our team for over 10 years, we have set up an English school where local youth can learn English and work in tourism. Furthermore, this is one of our community based projects which can be visited.

More information

Feel free to explore below documents related to our responsible tourism practices

Sustainability Policy

Within our sustainability policy you can explore more on our commitments and philosophy.

Report to the public

Dive into our various actions and read how we progress with our efforts, with our detailed report to the public.

CSR Report

Learn about our various CSR projects throughout our destinations, and how we assist to bring positive impacts

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