‘Because we are based in this region and work with local people we can make a difference and create great memories for our travelers’ – Koen

Mount Kinabalu-Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Tailored to your traveler taste

As a local Destination Management Company, Happy Trails! Asia aims to provide tours that are created and executed with the people of our destinations at heart. All travelers look for their own unique experiences in their travels. All tour operators therefore have their own unique selling points. Happy Trails! Asia takes great care to understand what unique experiences your company is looking for before setting out to design programs tailored to your taste, level of service and price structure.
Tours offered can be categorized as follows:

A tour with arrival/departure on fixed dates to pre-discussed islands and with a fixed day to day program which was created after consulting your travel advisors. Amount of traveler in a group depends on travelers, sort of tour and organizing party. We however advise a max. of 18 travelers incl. a local English guide and a tour leader per group. The guides we select to accompany your group are all local professionals who have mastered an additional language on conversation level. This can be e.g. English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese or any other language.

Depending on the quantity of the group they will be transported in high quality and well maintained vehicles. In general vehicles offered is as follows:

  • Bus (max. 30 persons)
  • Micro Bus (max. 15 persons)
  • Mini bus (max. 8 persons)

A tour with individual arrival/departure dates in either a tailor made (created in cooperation with your travel advisors) itinerary. Day to day program (hotels, activities) is predetermined and approved by travelers before arriving in Asia. In the destination of choice travelers are accompanied by (up on request) a local guide and a private car (incl. driver).

The guides we select to accompany your guests are all local professionals who have mastered an additional language on conversation level. This can be e.g. English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese or any other language. For individual tours we use high quality and well maintained cars:

  • Mini Bus (max. 6 persons)
  • Mini Van (max. 5 persons)
  • Van (max. 4 persons)

We offer a variety of unique experience, ranging from one day, to multiple day experiences. Imagine yourself climbing the majestic Borobdur for sunset on Java – Indonesia, or diving in Sipadan island in Borneo – Malaysia, we are there to arrange this for you. Or, how about a Jeep excursion through the backlands of Bali, with a private lunch overseeing the majestic Agung volcano! Keep in mind, we can tailor any experience to your needs!

With sustainable and responsible tourism at our core, we pride ourselves in offering unique community based experiences. Independently audited by Travelife, we ensure that these experiences benefit the community, generate local employment, are plastic free and carbon neutral! For example, experience one of Bali’s traditional villages with our team member Bara, to see how life is like on the island. Or, hop over to Lombok and visit Bonjeruk village, to cycle through the ricefields and cook with the local women of the community. 


03-05-12-Car 02To be able to execute the tours fitting to all travel levels we work with a professional network of reliable transport companies located in the destinations we operate in. In Indonesia we even have a sister company, BeeTrans, that assist us in organizing your overland (individual) car transport. Our local partners are surveyed and evaluated regularly to keep our service level 100% accurate. Next to car transport Happy Trails! Asia also has an expertise in handling, organizing and arranging domestic flights, train and fast boat transport. Our team of experts makes sure all offered transport services are handled immediately when part of a booked tour.

We pride ourselves in offering unique experiences, not only throughout the activities offered but similarly via the accommodation. We boost a large network of boutique hotels throughout the destinations. May it be staying in a Javanese Joglo near the Borobudur, or on a little beach hut in the Malaysian islands, we have you covered! Moreover, we offer a large variety of glamping and exclusive camping experiences, ranging from camping on an uninhabited island near Lombok, to glamping experiences within Bali Barat National Park. Traveling with a family, or looking for that ultimate luxury experience, then our villa network throughout Indonesia and Malaysia is for you, a large variety of private villas with chef and drivers is at your disposal

Throughout our destinations we have an extensive network of charter and join-in cruises, may it be a luxury expedition through Indonesia’s spice islands, or a brief two day one night experience within Komodo National Park. Our extensive offering tailors to all budgets and requirements. Want more adventure, no worries, how about a 5 day kayak trip around Komodo National Park! Our team of trained specialists is ready to advise you.

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