“Working with local projects to offset our CO2 is a great way to support our communities and save the environment” – Sandro

Taking Care Of Our Planet

We are committed to limit the negative impact on the environment by the tours we operate, and aim for positive impacts on all aspects of our services. Therefore, we are proud that all our services are CO2 neutral.

From 2018 on wards we have compensated all carbon emissions from our tours in Indonesia, and starting 2020 we commenced the same in Malaysia.

We compensate our CO2 emissions through a large tree planting program in Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan).


Our program
in West Kalimantan Indonesian Borneo

All of our CO2 emissions are offset within our destinations. The program to which we contribute is located in West Kalimantan – Indonesian Borneo. This unique island is shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei and has large issues with deforestation due to the palm oil industry.

The project follows the principle of a “forest garden”. This forest-garden will provide farmers with and additional daily livelihood source, whilst planting trees to offset the CO2. Moreover, this approach prevent the destruction of nature as the farmers do not need to clear existing forest for their daily income, but can generate income from the mixed trees planed by the project.

To achieve this, land is developed on post-harvest rice fields. A variety of trees are planted (garden) and  other trees will grow naturally (forest) hence the name forest garden.

Trees have been planted on the project to date.

Reduction and offset

Galon Water for Group Tour

We take extensive measures to reduce carbon

Although out trips are carbon neutral, the emission of carbon is unavoidable.
Therefore, we assist our travelers in choosing and providing options in their trip which minimize their carbon footprint. Such as: Train journeys, trekking, camping, re-usable water bottles.
Additionally, we promote carbon reducing measures to our partners such as trainings, education and microloans for sustainable investments.
Furthermore, internally we take actions as well, for example with the usage of refillable bottles, plastic lunch boxes, less air conditioning and much more.

Offsetting the carbon

For the carbon we can not reduce, we have set up the above mentioned project to ensure all our services are 100% carbon neutral.

Offsetting carbon emissions is a way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions to zero through planting trees which over their lifetime stores CO2 from the atmosphere in the growth of trees.

Thus, whilst we cannot avoid emissions fully, we take counter actions or offset them.

What do we

Our carbon offset program, will offset more than 1250 tons of CO2 emissions per year through the almost 10.000 travelers per year for whom we organize the tours through our beautiful destinations.

This includes, but is not limited to:




Domestic flights

Our team transportation

Our office usage

Our other sustainability efforts

We do a lot next to our efforts on CO2 neutrality